FROM $120/WEEK.  Advertise your establishment throughout the week on our Facebook and Instagram (M-W-F) informing consumers about your upcoming event.  We will come to your event and take pictures of patrons for up to 1/hour & customize a plan that works for your business and event.  The week long Promotion for your event could look something like this:

Monday – Introduction to your establishment and/or event & announcement of an optional Gift Card Giveaway (business supplies) on our Facebook & Instagram.  If you opt in to the Gift Card Giveaway, the winner will pick up the prize with their ID at your establishment or event.  Your event will be placed in our Events Calendar on our Website, which is shared weekly separately from your promotion.

Wednesday – We will share a photo or short video of a Drink or Entrée of your choice on Facebook & Instagram.  The more visually appealing, the better!  We will remind everyone about the upcoming event.

Friday – We will post another quality pic promoting your business and announce the winner of the optional Gift Card Giveaway.  We will remind everyone of your event coming up, encouraging them to attend with their friends.  Winner will pick up the Gift Card from your establishment.

Day of Event - We will remind everyone to come out to your event.  During the event we take photos up to 1 hour of customers having fun, event, drinks etc.

Day after Event – We will write a blog sharing the pictures & describing what a fun event it was getting the word out to even more consumers who may have missed out this time.  Pictures will be shared on our Facebook & Instagram, further promoting your business.  You will receive copies of all pictures from the event with no watermarks to use at your discretion for your business.



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